Intercultural Tourism

The concept of “intercultural tourism” offers an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning between visitors and local people. It promotes a “dialogue between cultures” through the exchange of principles, values, knowledge, cultural practices and cosmogony about life, nature and the cosmos. Its principles are intercultural and solidarity between people and cultures.

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Each group participates in conferences, workshops and experiential activities allow knowing aspects of Mayan culture. The training program for university groups addresses issues such as the Mayan calendar, Mayan languages, worldview and spirituality. These courses are taught by experts through participatory methodologies.

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER:unspecified-1

      •  University Students that come as a group with the university responsible
      •  Those with knowledge of the socio-political context of Guatemala and minimum Spanish
      •  People with the ability to adapt to new environments, new cultures, and a new way of living
      •  A person that wants to collaborate and act professionalism in every activity
    •  A person that is able to work with young students and create a safe environment with respect