Methodology & Philosophy


  • The method Psicopedagógico part of the culture of the young lady and promoting their native language and practicing spirituality as a means of human formation.
  • Participation and training of parents through various educational activities is promoted.
  • Regional festivities on indigenous cultures of Guatemala develop, making visible cultural diversity as a richness of peoples to achieve their development with identity.
  • With teachers annually it develops a psychology training program, to exercise their higher quality teaching.
  • The academic training of young people is strengthened by meetings with Nobel Peace Laureates and educational tours to sacred and historical places of the Mayan culture.


  • Spirituality, respect for life and nature mother.
  • Democratic organization.
  • Participation of the educational community in management.
  • Solidarity and inter-cooperation.
  • Social Transformation.
  • Competitiveness and sustainable development.